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High Regards Enamel Pin


we created this pin specifically for invictus enterprises, a nonprofit that provides job training and employment to people on the autism spectrum. they build social enterprises for the autism community and provide work readiness, job training, and employment opportunities to people of all abilities.their talented autistic bakers have Invictus hats and at the end of every cycle, they pass out pins for the hats! this one being one of those pins.

what does this phrase mean?
Too often people on the autism spectrum are underestimated. There is an 85% unemployment rate for people on the spectrum. this is a group of people who have simply not been given a chance to be productive, which is especially true for their Bakers with limited spoken language. 

Invictus is based on 2 main principles:
> they presume competence.
> they know that lack of spoken language is not the same as having nothing to say.

when a Baker enters their kitchen, they want them to know and feel that we have high regard for their abilities and for them as individuals. They also have high expectations for what they (with proper adaptations and modifications) are able to achieve.

product details:

  • size: 1.25”
  •  soft enamel pin with polished nickel plating
  • 8mm post with butterfly clutch
  • each pin is presented on an illustrated backing in a cellophane bag to keep it protected when shipped
  • $1.50 of each pin purchase will be donated back to Invictus - your purchase COUNTS.


make sure you tag us on instagram @theunexpectedtype to show us how you wear you pin!

High Regards Enamel Pin


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