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The Narrows Zion Patch


last september we embarked on a two-week road trip in our FJ zoe and with our trusty trailer. from Yellowstone down to utah's famous five parks, we ended our journey at zion and ended up hiking the narrows for our first time! we had tried multiple times in the past, but the conditions were always bad - this time we lucked out!


if you haven't gone on this hike yet, add it to your list. it's a truly remarkable experience to be able to hike up through a river and watch the canyon walls shift before your very eyes.


this new patch is meant to capture exactly that feeling! if you're made the hike, you know what we mean and this new guy is definitely your badge of honor for making the trek.


product details:

// size: 3.25 x 3"
// hexagon shape
// iron-on backing

make sure you tag us on instagram @theunexpectedtype to show us how you wear your pins + patches! we hope you affix this to every denim piece of clothing you own, your backpack AND your travel gear!

The Narrows Zion Patch


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