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The idea for our brand began on an ill-prepared camping trip, where our founders Sami & Nathan promptly froze their assess off in a tent with only one sleeping bag and their trusty hatchet. Unzipping their tent flap to the view of their Big Sur campground changed everything. It was at that moment they fell unexpectedly in love with the outdoors on a completely new level.

We became so passionate about being outside, that we wanted to figure out a way to inspire others to experience the great outdoors and lead an unexpected life, too.


Sami began illustrating all of the places they explored and camped at for fun. A few trips in, Nathan surprised her by turning one of his favorite illustrations into a patch and popping them on Etsy. After selling out in a few days and with lots of encouraging words from their friends, one patch design turned into a dozens. Artwork turned into stickers and keychains and finally, apparel.

Our continued goal is to capture the special moments we all experience when we’re outside and turn them into pieces of artwork meant for sharing.


Based in sunny Southern California

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