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Explorer Pup Paw Print Patch


we're stoked to announce our collab with Native Instinct Co! we created a paw print patch showcasing a pup on an adventure just for their bandanas and loved how they turned out.


established in 2017, Native Instinct Co. is based out of colorado springs, CO. all of their items are handmade with the highest quality materials and they were founded on the idea of encouraging people to get out and explore with your pups. they make amazing pup and human scarves and blankets! literally the most perfect collaboration we could have ever dreamt of!


you can purchase this patch solo via this listing or visit native instinct's website to purchase a one of a kind bandana for your doggy friend.





product details:

// size: 2.5 x 2.5"
// cut to paw print shape
// iron-on backing


make sure you tag us on instagram @theunexpectedtype + @nativeinstinctco to show us how ou show off your new pup patch!

Explorer Pup Paw Print Patch

  • It's a piece of self-adhesive so you can add it to your headliner! 

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