desert dweller patch

desert dweller patch

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there's always been a place in our hearts for the desert (we do live in southern cali after all!) our favorite place to camp is in joshua tree, and sami drew this patch on our campsite's picnic table during a fall camping trip. if you love to hang in the desert with the joshua trees + cacti, this one's for you! also, if you're headed to coachella or stagecoach this year, this patch is #goals.

good for:
adding to your tent flap
road trippin'
denim jackets
back jean pockets

we know our customers love a patch with velcro! we are happy to include a 2" strip for an additional $1.00.


// size: 4.5 x 3"
// top is cut to shape + a triangle shaped bottom
// vibrant embroidery
// iron-on


make sure you tag us on instagram @theunexpectedtype to show us how you wear your gear!

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