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we're hiring: paid internship

The Unexpected Type is a creative studio driven by adventure located in Southern California. We specialize in fine artwork, adventure soft goods & helping others explore their creativity in unexpected ways. We work with small brands to develop branding identities, create custom stickers, patches & pins, and also offer creative consultation.

As a small team, we love to work with our team members one-on-one to mentor them and help them grow. As our paid intern, we want to learn all about who you are, what you're interested in, and give you the chance to learn what you want! We are looking for an individual who is passionate about jumping into new projects, loves to travel, has a love for the outdoors, and is a self-starter.

Duties You Will Learn Include:

- Brand Collaboration Research & Outreach  

- Influencer Marketing & Outreach

- Learn the ropes of bookkeeping

- Content Creation + Campaign Brainstorming

- Guest Posting on Our Blog 

- Bonus: Graphic Design (if you have Creative Cloud!)

This position is for 5 hours of remote paid work at $15/hour with the potential for increased hours. All of our new team members get a fun TUT team box upon hiring! 

When the time comes when we are safe from COVID-19, we are also looking for someone who would like to join us on a camping trip for a photoshoot (expenses paid along with working hours paid). If COVID is still in full swing when your time is up with us as an intern we'll offer you a camping trip on us, if applicable based on COVID travel restrictions To apply, please email with the title "Paid Internship Applicant" a brief intro about you. We're excited to adventure with you!

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