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introducing kayley + her goal to hike 150 miles

Hey, y’all!

My name is Kayley and I am The Unexpected Type’s newest intern! I am THRILLED to start working with Sami + Nathan and to see what all it takes to run a thriving small biz! Since you’ll be seeing me around quite a bit, I thought it would be fun to introduce myself, so here goes nothing!

  • Enneagram number: 2w3

  • Go-to font: Courier New (seriously, I am SUCH a fangirl)

  • Unofficial love language: Puns

  • Board game of choice: Ticket to Ride

  • Favorite word: “Whimsical”

  • Bucket list item: Being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune

  • Dream hike: The Camino Del Norte in Spain

But to sum it all up, I am just a girl from St. Louis who firmly believes that a long hike + some bubble tea can turn any bad day around! I am SO excited to get started here at TUT and to begin interacting with all of YOU on a regular basis!

Goal for August: Hike 150 Miles

In May, I graduated from Truman State University (go Dawgs!!) with a master’s degree in accountancy. Since then, I have been studying full time for the CPA exam. With everything that is happening in the world right now, it has become more and more important for me to find ways to stay active, get outside, and try to remain present. As I thought about different ways I could approach this new month of studying, it occurred to me that going for regular hikes throughout the week would help me stay intentional about reaching those goals. So here is the game plan: I am going to hike 150 miles throughout the month of August.

When you break it down, hiking 150 miles over 31 days means walking a little under 5 miles a day. So far, this challenge has allowed me to get outside everyday (rain or shine) and explore several different trails near me! I have been using my FitBit Versa to help track my hikes and I even created an excel spreadsheet to calculate my total mileage (I am an accountant, after all). As of August 6th, I have hiked a total of 41 miles! Check out these snaps from some of my hikes thus far!

No matter what your life looks like this August, I hope you’re able to do something regularly that allows you to breath in some fresh air and enjoy yourself. COVID-19 has been HARD, y’all! Don’t forget to show yourself some tender love + care.



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So excited to have you as a part of our team Kayley! ❤️

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