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currently obsessed with these 5 things

Ok, I'll admit it: I'VE BEEN INFLUENCED!

Kudos to these brands below because all of them are brands that I've fallen in love with over the past two months and am excited to share with you! They're a mixture of wellness, apparel, and art goodies AND I have coupon codes for most of them - yay! I hope you'll find some fun and inspiration in the goodies I'm sharing below.

If you follow me on Instagram you HAVE to know about Hue Clay Co! My friend Erica gave me my first pair for my birthday and I have become obsessed (mildly put) with this amazing small business! I'm so passionate about buying from small businesses that I probably buy from Maggie, the creative genius behind the company, like 1-2x a month. Her goodies are really affordable, one-of-a-kind, and superior quality. I can't say enough good things! AND - I'm a freaking brand ambassador! I'm so happy to support Maggie and her creativity and hope you will do. These earrings are AMAZING gifts and she also does custom pieces for brides! If you'd like an additional 10% off your order, use SAMI10 at checkout.

HEHE. You probably also saw my story about how I entered the wrong address for this thing, but it made it safe & sound to my house. I'm sure they think I'm a psycho now. ANYWAYS - If you're an artist or creator who needs a hands-free phone stand that has different light settings - this Canvas piece is an absolute GAME CHANGER. Fits any phone and even a GoPro! I needed a quality phone stand for capturing videos of my artwork and waited months for them to release their second batch.

They are a small biz, so you're truly helping and investing in them when you buy. I think they're all sold out (no surprise here at all!) so be sure to sign up for their mailing list to snag one when they're back in stock.

Let's be real: since CA reopened, then reclosed - it's been a real shit show. I've also had some family and internal issues which added some stress and anxiety to my plate. I know that I have the strength to deal with it all, but sometimes it's nice to introduce something into a self-care routine that is a healthy way to reduce anxiety and even sleep better. Enter Neurogan! They gifted me some of their full-spectrum CBD oil and honestly, it's been a great addition to my wellness routine. It was actually my first time EVER trying a CBD oil, so I did a ton of research before I actually took it. Since I try not to take medicine, anything I take has a full BAM effect, so I also took half of the recommended dose! NO - it does not get you high. Pure full-spectrum CBD oil, created from the hemp plant, is naturally low in THC; therefore, it would take a lot of CBD for you to experience a ‘high’ feeling

CBD oil interacts with our body's endocannabinoid system, the system that exists across the body to help keep us balanced and in homeostasis. A balanced system supports relief for common problems: aches & pains, sore joints, skin & sleep issues, and much more. Neurogan is a family-owned CBD company whose hemp plants are sun grown in the Danish countryside and they offer snacks, balms, lotions, and even goodies for your pets.

If you have more questions about their product, just scroll down to the FAQ. If you want to try it, use the promo code Nordic25 for 25% off!

At one point during quarantine. I got super into researching and finding companies who specialize in slow fashion. Tree Fairfax was one of them! Before I found TF, I bought all of my handbags from my girl Analisa at Marloe (another slow fashion retailer) and am so happy to be able to support both of these ladies of color who bust their asses to create stunning products. Tree Fairfax is run by Trisha, a talented mama who makes all of her STUNNING products by hand. Her philosophy revolves around minimal leather goods that are long-lasting with timeless designs that will hopefully change how you move about the world. I LOVE this bag because I switch between wearing it as a cross-body piece and a belted piece. The best part? She offers different size straps so you can tailor it to the size of your body. If you want to snag the one I bought, it's the Extended Half Moon.

Fun news - but I'm actually a Wondery Wander Woman! They launched a fun ambassador program this year and I'm so stoked to be a part of it. While you might not think Wondery is small because of their audience, they are actually a small, tight-knit team that is full of talented individuals. Aside from that, they are spearheading a FEEL GOOD brand that does so much and brings so much awareness to the wild.

Their mission is to be a sustainable outdoor lifestyle brand dedicated to liberating women in the outdoors through awareness, resources, and the creation of a women’s outdoor community. Wondery harmonizes fashion with utility to create practical apparel for women. They realized women were vastly underrepresented in the outdoor space and that brands claiming they were "giving back" weren't actually giving anything back.

I'm so stoked to continue to share more with you about their mission and my journey as a Wander Woman. It's such an honor! Aside from all the good they do, their apparel is actually some of the most comfortable clothes I've ever worn. I love how soft their tees are and that they hold their shape!

They're launching some super fun giveaway and NEW product July 30th (tomorrow) so be sure to use my code "unexpectedly" for 15% off!

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