Wondering how to create your own watercolor paint with pigments? Obsessed with color? Are you looking to take your artistic process a step further? I got you!

Say hello to our ALL Natural Pigment Powder Watercolor kiT

+ Pigment Mixing 101 eCourse!

After loooots of testing, I'm so excited to finally
this course & introductory kit with you!

I've become obsessed with color over the past few months. So much that I began making my own watercolor paints and pastels using pigments from the Earth. 


After diving into color and the origins of paint, I wanted to start creating my own and mix up custom colors. After finally figuring out the right recipe and sourcing some of the most beautiful, all-natural pigments, I wanted to give you the tools to do the same without all the work. This kit includes everything you need to start mixing your own watercolor paints (AND pastels!)


  • 10 ml vial of Ultramarine Blue Pigment

  • 10 mL vial of Brilliant Yellow Pigment

  • 10 ml vial of Mayan Red Pigment

  • 10 ml vial of Gum Arabic Powder

  • Glass Eyedropper

  • Glass Mixing Plate

  • Metal Palette Mixing Knife

  • Size 04 Synthetic Round Paintbrush

  • AND exclusive access to my Pigment Mixing 101 eCourse


YES! You will receive a link to our Pigment Mixing 101 eCourse, which will walk you through:

  • Color Theory

  • Mapping your Paint Palette

  • Brief Pigment History 

  • Beginner Watercolor Techniques

  • How to Create Your Own Watercolor Binder

  • Pigment Mixing Techniques

  • BONUS: How to Make Your Own Pastels

  • Additional Resources & Artist Inspiration

if you're not ready to purchase the kit,
you can also just buy the eCourse! 

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