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We built The Unexpected Type to have a creative outlet that connected and reminded us of our most prized adventures.

In 2017, my husband Nathan and I put a camp-inspired patch that I designed on Etsy for fun. Little did we know it would sell out and people were asking for more patches and more designs. We began to churn out hand-drawn soft goods inspired by our travels meant to encourage our friends to get outside. We spent many road trips talking wildly in the car about how we wanted to build a lifestyle brand around our passion for what we were doing: connecting with each other on an entirely new level through travel, adventure and camping.

Sure, there are plenty of travel brands out there, but we still felt like something was missing that didn’t make it as accessible to our generation, you know… the one glued to our phones and may or may not know how to pitch a tent?  We envisioned a brand that was equal parts experience, store, magazine and education. Connecting with each other is what drives us! 

We hope you find something here that inspires you to get in your car and head anywhere. Happy Adventuring and #SeeYouOutside!

- Sami & Nathan

Sami Nguyen

Sami here! ​I​’m the Founder of TUT (and graphic designer​,​ artist​, and visual designer)​ who lives for ​warm-hued color palettes, days driving up the coast of California, and micron pens. You'll find me behind all the creative schemes here including illustration, design, artwork and marketing. I live for boba and my favorite place to adventure is Joshua Tree!

Nathan Nguyen

Nathan here! I’m the Co-Founder of TUT and in charge of material sourcing, packaging and shipping. I have a full-time job, but ultimately enjoy taking long road trips anywhere as along with lazy days at the beach. You can find me anywhere from on the Pacific Ocean paddle boarding and playing volleyball to camping in the desert all the way to the top of the mountain snowboarding. I love cooking while I camp!

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