Dried Flower Hairpieces


I love any flower. What girl doesn’t? What I don’t love about them: they die. Luckily there are DRIED FLOWERS! Ah, smart thinkers saving the day yet again.

I came across these dried florals in bundles downtown at the Flower Mart for $5 a piece and couldn’t resist knowing that I could use them for something! Flower crowns, glued onto antlers, in mini bouquets… Ok, I really wanted the, hair option but wanted something a little more unique than the standard crown. I’ve seen so many hairpieces across Etsy and decided to make my own!

You only need five things: dried flowers, combs, shears, wire and a glue gun.


I trimmed each flower to have about 1” of their stem left and cut 2-3” strips of wire. Then I wrapped the wire through the tops of the comb and around the flower stem starting with the biggest flower. Keep on adding!

At the end I add hot glue into the crevices to make sure everything is secure, trim off any excess stems and wire and VIOLA. It’s ready to wear!


Slide in into a romantic updo, a bun, or pin back a portion of your hair. I’ll add an extra bobby pin if I’m just sliding it into my hair that’s down for extra hold! BAM, you are fall ready and these flowers never die—yes girl, yes! XO, S.