how we prep for the #camplife

Last year we went on 20+ camping trips, went to Bali + Japan, a few other cities and were like holy sh*t that’s a ton of travel in our books. While we’re toning down on the travel this year, we want to increase how much we camp and share our stories along the way. We also want to share that camping IS NOT EXPENSIVE.

We’ve built up our inventory of camp gear over time and upgrade when we find we need to. It’s safe to say we’ve even purchased needs at the 99 cents store - some of those items we still use today!

Many of you send us a ton of questions about how we got started camping, what to pack and how we prep, so all of that info is now below! Hope it inspires you to get out there and explore more :)


The first time we ever went camping together was in Big Sur… in November. We brought one two-person Coleman tent, ONE (yes one) sleeping bag and that was it. We froze our asses off in 35 degree weather but had the most fun ever. We were inspired to try again but prep better, and we did. Then we bought the car. Then we bought our rooftop tent. It’s something we were terrible at and now do so frequently. Each time we camp, we always learn something new.


  • It always starts with a destination. Needs and survival depend on the environment you’re going to, the time of year, and the length of time you’ll be there.

    Then we decide if we’re staying at a campground that has toilets, facilities, etc or staying somewhere off the grid.. Even though we’re well equipped with our FJ to live out of our car, we still like to stay at designated campgrounds the first time we visit anywhere new. These campgrounds are also GREAT for new campers. You can check ReserveAmerica for a quick list!

  • We check maps and do a little research around the area to see if there are any cool spots, hikes or off-road trails.

  • We also check the weather - some desert areas can be prone to flash floods if there’s rain and in the cooler months we check for temperatures and SNOW.

  • Depending on how many days we stay, we put together a grocery list. We love to cook when we camp and usually hit the store two days ahead of time to prep + cut any product/meat one day ahead. (A basic camping starter list is below!)

  • We pack up the car the day before, fill up on gas and GO.


I’m not saying we’re experts here! These are just some basic things that I think are perfect for survival and a good time camping. ALL of this you can get at your local market, on Amazon and even at, TJ Maxx or Marshalls on a budget.