laguna mountains with ncamp

hey ya'll! happy tuesday!

nathan and i recently (well recently as in two weeks ago...) went to laguna mountain in san diego and fell in LOVE. i had recently gotten some new gear from nCamp and was super stoked to try it out. 

even though we have a BIG car, the trunk had a custom cabinet system that is modular and has drawers. you think it would make MORE room, but it actually means we have to pack really, really smart. definitely aiming to do a tour of how we pack soon! :) keeping in mind that our packing needs to be efficient, i was super excited to partner with nCamp for some really rad gear that is made for individuals who are all about the camp + hike life. I have the stove, prep surface and coffee maker (MY FAVE.)


we spent our day exploring our camp spot and then headed up garnet peak trail for our sunset engagement shoot. it was rad. the day ended with cut up legs, a sore but and so much satisfaction. 

we camped out at THE COOOOOLEST spot that was about 20 minutes off an isolated road that was deserted. we saw one car the entire time we were there. you can find a LINK HERE on how to get to the spot.i was pretty amazed that we hadn't made it down to LM beforehand. there are a ton of offroad trails, so much scenery, and definitely more hikes i want to explore.

back to my cool nCamp stuff. we had a slow morning making breakfast before we left for home and it was delicious. one thing nathan and i CANNOT live without? coffee! thats why i was so excited for the nCamp coffee maker ! now i'm obsessed. our absolute favorite thing to make is vietnamese coffee, or cafe sua da in vietnamese. it's a strong brewed coffee with condensed milk. SO GOOD. simple instructions are below and you can catch it on my Instagram stories

- 1 cup strong brewed coffee
- 1 tbsp condensed milk.

Add your condensed milk to the bottom of an enamel cup. Brew your coffee. Add in your hot coffee and stir (we're asian and use chopsticks!) If you like it iced, I would brew the night before and let it chill in your cooler or fridge!

happy camping and exploring! xx, s


Product mentioned in this post was kindly provided by nCamp. All opinion are 100% my own.

Sami Davis