Our Top 3 Camping Spots in SoCal

Happy Huuuump day! What's getting you through the week? My light at the end of the tunnel: CAMPING. I'm currently writing this post from Queen City, aka Cincinnati on a business trip and let me tell you: while I LOVE camping, I also love sitting down in a hotel bed and writing.


As ya'll know, Nathan and I are avid outdoors enthusiast who have always loved the outdoors, but only started diving into camping last year. We have a few favorite spots that are easy to get to if you don't have an off-road vehicle (like us, hehe.) We love spending our time in Big Sur even though the close route is currently closed and are big, biiiiiig fans of Joshua Tree.

If you're not sure what to take on these trips, our lovely friend Rachel has an AMAZING comprehensive camping guide you should definitely check out!

Where are you favorite campsites? Leave us your recs below!

Indian Cove Campground

It can be hard to snag a campground in Joshua Tree when Summer and Fall roll around, especially when a good amount of campgrounds are first come, first serve. We found Black Rock campground when searching for a place to stay on a road trip and instantly fell in love with the rad rock formations and what felt like a secluded, desolate campground. 

We definitely felt like there was PLENTY to do at this campsite between hiking, taking walks, cooking up a storm and even bouldering, if thats your thing. There are bathrooms, picnic tables and fire pits here. So it's great if you're still working up to going bare-booty in the desert, this campground is a great option. 

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

We stayed her the first time we ever camped in Big Sur and it still remains one of our favorite places to go. I feel like you honestly can't go wrong with any of the Big Sur campgrounds but this one is magical-- there are a few trails and walkways that cut through huge redwoods and I've honestly never felt so transported. 

This is a great campground for families, too! There is SO much to do and see in Big Sur. If you haven't been.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. Put it in your summer to-do list :)

BONUS: Fernwood Resort

Another Big Sur fave that is GREAT for groups. We took a friend camping trip to this spot and it was teeming with families, groups and so much fun. We played volleyball with the local kids there and then watched the sunset sunlight filter through the trees and meadow as we whipped up carne asada tacos.

Laguna Campground

Familiar with Mount Laguna? You should be now! The area holds a wealth of trails and cool viewpoints that is about 55 miles from San Diego. Such a great weekend trip that you can also incorporate some of the more southern cities into! We're also shooting our engagement photos here, HEHE. 

Many of the campgrounds are first come first serve, but can totally reserve this beauitful spot! 

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