weekend wanderer: a-frame haus + heber city

Welcome to a new series I decided to make up called Weekend Wanderer! This travel column is all about the  trips you can (most likely) take in about 2 days no matter where you live domestically. As someone who has only two weeks of vacation time. I thought it was time to really put those weekends to work and figure out how to get the best of the best since I absolutely love to travel and NEED to visit all 50 states before I hit 30! (Also just made that up right now...)

I'm kicking off WW with my most recent trip to the A-Frame Haus in Heber City in Utah. I know ya'll are probably like where is the Bali and Tokyo guide? Coming, coming - I promise. Those are definitely heftier and coming SOON.

Back to Utah.

Two of my closest girlfriends book a few nights at a beautiful airbnb called the A-Frame Haus and were lucky enough to score us all cheap, cheap flights to SLC. Heber City, where the cabin is located, is about an hour drive from Salt Lake City and just 20-30 minutes from Park City. Since it was the ski season had literally just closed, everything was relatively cheap as the entire area was in transition mode to off-season. There was plenty to do to keep us busy, and we mostly wanted to enjoy the beautiful space of where we were staying. I honestly can't wait to come back in wintertime when everything is blanketed in snow!


You can read the entire story here, but one note that resonated with me is that this cabin was built 30 years ago by now-owner, Kara's, grandfather. Talk about trendsetter ;) He used this cabin as a place to enjoy solitude, write music and meditate. It gives me chills just writing about it because it's not just a house recently built - there's history in place and character inside the wall.

Kara talks about her minimal redesign and I am still smitten with the colors on the walls, the custom cabinetry covering their fridge and every single detail throughout the space. There are three bedrooms - two downstairs with an upstairs loft space and two full bathrooms. The open floor plan of the kitchen and living area bring in beautiful, bright light and cast some amazing shadows as the sun sets.

I think I could definitely stop talking and just let you look at the photos by now, ha! I highly suggest sleeping in, cooking up a mean brunch with your S/O or family and just enjoying the space of the cabin. It's also really easy to get to but still secluded enough to where you feel like you're a million miles away from any city.



  • Eat at Dairy Keen // I had the BEST SHAKE OF MY LIFE HERE. Get the banana cream pie shake I tell you, DO IT. They are a Heber City staple and actually pretty well known. Their menu is fast food x diner and oh so delicious. Highly recommend making a stop here!
  • Swim in the Homestead Crater // You need to make reservations ahead of time for this, so plan! You can swim, snorkel or scuba here. We just hung out and swam - the water is nice and warm so it was like hanging in a jacuzzi for a little. We got out after 10 scuba divers paraded in, but all else is good! They also have changing rooms, so if you're on a flight the same day you
  • Drive around Heber Valley // We spotted so many dreamy farms, houses, roads, lots of sheep + cows amidst cloudy blue skies. SUCH perfect backdrops to enjoy through a peaceful car ride in good company. They also have a reservoir you can drive around and stop by.
  • Shop the main street in Park City // Park City was the cutest! Home to the infamous Sundance Festival, I instantly understood why everyone raves about the city. DEFINITELY need to come back in winter to attempt to make it down the mountain. We went to a couple boutique shops.. Carolyn and I both bought a pair of shoes AND some lip masks for a girls night in. They have some great places to eat, too!
  • Grab a drink at High West Distillery // This distillery is located in Park City and so rad. It was closed when we went, but I'm including it here so you can definitely go and tell us how their pretzels with whipped beer cheese is. THANKS.

Just a tip, most places are closed on Sundays so plan ahead! Our flight left SLC at 10:00pm on a Sunday and we ended up driving out to the Bonneville Salt Flats, which were SO RAD. I highly suggest going off-roading here and bringing some cool props or bright outfits for photos. We went in the middle of day so it was BRIGHT out, but sunrise or sunset would be so cool.


Do any of ya'll have any cooler suggestions for Heber City or Park City? We didn't do anything in SLC, so sorry - no tips for the city here ;) Love hearing who is headed to the A-Frame Haus next!

Xo, S

Sami Davis