How To Stay Focused at Work When You're Sick AF


"Normally, I don't get sick." - Says every girl who doesn't get sick and then gets hit with the gnarliest issue ever. Hi, that would be MOI this week. This weekend I got hit with the nastiest stomach bug that morphed in really bad sinus stuff, a fever and all the terrible things we hate about being sick.

If I call in sick, you know it's bad. I called in sick Monday and slept for most of the day, dreaming about booking events and stressing out if I ordered in product or not. Talk about eye roll and definite need to destress a bit, no? I was back at work yesterday and rolled in with sort of a nasty chip on my shoulder that I was still not ok and didn't feel motivated to work. I know that's a sign that your body needs some more rest, but I really just wanted to get in the groove and kick out sick mode.

WHAT GIVES!? Instead of sitting and sulking, I found a bit of my groove and was thinking, "Hey someone should write a blog post on how to basically keep going in life when you're sick as fuck and working a job, plus a couple freelance gigs." Yeah, here it is. Because when you freelance, your clients don't give a shit if you're sick-- thats where things get crazy and I get cranky. Here's how I power through:


My body was like "here's diarrhea, mucus, plugged ears, a fever, yay! go you! have fun!" Nope, not fun. I lost a TON of liquids and water and my body was sooooooo tired. It's super important to remember that you get really dehydrated when you're sick. Eating and drinking doesn't sound pleasurable when you're sick, but you need to drink a LOT of water to keep your body going.

Stocking up and drinking a lot of hot tea also does wonders. I love green tea and add honey to it for sweetness and in good health. I drink it all day and notice a huge difference in how I feel. Plus, inhaling that steam while you sit at your desk will help unclog all your mucus, yay!


I got to work 15 minutes early yesterday and power napped for 10 in my car. My body and brain really needed that extra ZZZZ's. If you have a lunch break or a chance to take a break, take a quick 10-15 minute nap to reset. Honestly, I hate power napping until I do it and realize how much it helps! If you're really fighting how tired you are, this could be the reset you need.


Make a list of what's on your agenda for the day, prioritize and give yourself a top three. The rest could be doled out to a colleague to help out if it NEEDS to be done. If not, save it for if you're still feeling up to the task or for the next day when you have more energy. Work will always be there, it's important to prioritize and tackle what's necessary first.

I also work in short bursts. I'm super efficient from 8am-12pm and then I hit a lull because I've finished all of not most of my work. Sometimes I'll break it up with a quick 5 minute Pinterest break to refresh my creativity or just break away. I'll also go for a water break, take a little walk, or read a couple articles for a few minutes to stay in the know. These are actually great day-to-day things to exercise, but when I'm sick my focus is WAY out there, so these breaks help me keep those top three tasks on my radar.


This sounds really terrible, but it worked wonders for me. We all work int he same office, but I went and sat down the hall and plugged my headphones in. I'm not in the mood to talk when you're sick. I don't want you to hear me blowing my nose or coughing and I definitely don't want to talk to you either (sorry guys.) I ALSO don't want to get anyone else sick, so I sort of quarantined myself. It worked wonders and I felt like I could get my work done realllll fast.


If you're just feeling worse by 2pm, go home. Honestly you're not helping anyone if you're putting yourself out of commission for more time. Your health is the most important thing, YES before work. If you feel like shit, take the medicine or do your holistic ritual. Either way, pay attention to your body when you're sick so you're not making yourself even more sick. Hydrate and sleep people!