2018 Bucket List!


Yup, this is a bucket list / resolutions in disguise / get out and live list. 2017 was a HARD AF year filled with the most growing pains I've ever had in my life! With that said, where I'm at now is the most amazing and humbling place to be at! The Unexpected Type started as a lifestyle blog that I could never really figure out and it morphed into this teeny-tiny business that sells patches, pins, apparel. I quit a job I loved, but was very comfortable at and am now pushing my career boundaries. People come to me for drawings-- it's insane and I couldn't be more thankful. It's insane what can happen in just a couple months!

I wanted to create a FUN list that could serve as a 2018 bucket list so I can just make myself do things that I've always wanted to do or have strived to-do. So here this blog post... keeping me accountable! To be honest, the word "resolution" just sounds so much more negative than "bucket list," AMIRIGHT!?

Scroll down to check out my bucket list of 25 things to do this year, with some ideas from Huy's list, too. I hope this inspires you to get out and do some rad things, too! We'll try to do a post for the bigger ones and hopefully document the rest! When 2019 rolls around, we'll revisit and check to see how many we did (not) do, ha! :)

The 2018 TUT Bucket List

  1. Go to the farmers market at least 2x per month (shop local ya'll!)
  2. Get our motorcycle licenses
  3. Go to Nashville, TN
  4. Go camping each season (at least 4x this year)
  5. Go paddleboarding in San Diego
  6. Eat at least 5 restaurants on Jonathan Gold's 101 Best Restaurants in LA list! 
  7. Complete 3 Skillshare courses (Sami, hehe)
  8. Watch ALL the Star Wars movies in order
  9. Sketch at least one time every other day (back me up Instafam)
  10. Start and post at least 52 recipes on Sami's new food blog samidmakes
  11. Run a 5k for charity / color run 
  12. Meditate at least 3x a week
  13. Camp in an airstream
  14. Go to Portland, OR
  15. Go to Coachella or Stagecoach
  16. Really get into shape - Sami wants to do one unassisted pull up by 2019 lol. (we need to kick our boba addition goodbye)
  17. Read 5 NYT Bestsellers
  18. Get through at least 3 podcasts
  19. Take a cocktail mixology class
  20. Learn a martial art
  21. Visit at least 3 National Parks (we got the year pass! booyah)
  22. Make it to Japan + get Sami's nails done at a shop there
  23. Fly in a helicopter
  24. Plant our own edible garden in the Spring!
  25. Actually use my 2018 planner from ban.do :D

Okay... so I know that most of these are definitely Sami's ideas because Nathan is playing with his new Christmas gifts (eye-roll) and didn't give me any answers when I pounded him for what he wanted to do this year. A motorcycle license is definitely high on his list!

Let's see how this goes! HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR :)