Rad Holiday Gifting (GIVEAWAY!) with VSSL

Pheeeew—the holidays have hit HEAD ON this year, but I was actually way ahead if my gifting game! Shocker right!? I always struggle with coming up with something creative and compare my gift ideas to the year before that and before that. It goes on.

This year I was ALL about ordering everything online and truly getting away from the shopping craziness. Nathan and I have had Amazon Prime for a couple months and it’s safe to say my new motto has become “We can prime that…” If you haven’t jumped on the band wagon, I warn you of how addicting it can be knowing that your goodies arrive in just two days. :)

This year my life took a huge step forward in the travel realm. Being an advocate for girl travelers, hikers and outdoor lovers, I got really into cool outdoor necessities. There’s been a HUGE change in the wind of what women and men can do as travelers and it’s so inspiring to see everyone reaching new destinations and dreaming up cool content.

I recently teamed up with VSSL for the holidays to bring you a MUST GIVE gift for the traveler + outdoor lover in your life that can be ordered last minute via Amazon and make your giftee #gearedforlife. A TON of people think that cool camping and travel gear are such a dude gifts (not that they aren’t), but I’m honestly gifting this flashlight to ALL my girlfriends because I know they love a rad piece of equipment, too!

Haven’t heard of VSSL? You better get on it, especially if you’re an avid outdoorsman or woman! They’re pretty much the cool kids on the block when it comes to flashlights and manufacture superior quality LED lights that utilize the form factor of traditional flashlights. The function of each VSSL unit extends well beyond illumination and can include everything from a compass, hidden flask design, first aid kit, supplies + more. All in one tube—it’s insane.


I got my hands on the VSSL Flask and absolutely love it! It’s become my car companion as I head to and from work, on my weekend trips and I’m so excited to have it IN MY HANDS! I’ll break down the functions for you:

  • It carries 10 oz of my beverage of choice (where’s the tequila!?).
  • ALSO holds two stainless steel collapsible shot glasses + custom VSSL bottle opener.
  • It’s pretty stealthy... Is it a flashlight or a flash? They’re never know ;)  
  • A super cool function I personally love was the safeness of drinking from the flask. It’s been infused/lined with glass because it's the best material to preserve the taste & quality of what you’re drinking. It’s also guaranteed BPA free, has no metallic taste and no toxins or chemicals.
  • This thing is also built like a BEAST. With military spec aluminum you can depend on wherever the wilderness will take you; ideal compact size of 9 inches by 2 inches allows you to bring it with you anytime and all the time without weighing you down.
  • Last but not least, their amazing flashlight: dual mode (static and SOS) LED 'flood' beam lantern light, illuminates a large area. They also INCLUDE the batteries: 3 Energizer E90 batteries included for about 40 hours of continuous flashlight operation!

Convinced yet? Just look at the photos! If this flask isn’t on your list, then check out their VSSL Camping Supplies in Green + Aluminum! Two day shipping with Amazon Prime, which means, yes, you can still get it for your best friend, sister, girlfriend, mother, brother… EVERYONE for the holidays!


In the meantime… you can also enter our very special holiday G I V E A W A Y and win your OWN to keep (or gift!) Head on over to our Instagram to hurry up and enter!

Who will you keep #gearedforlife? Make sure you head to VSSL’s website or their Instagram to check out the rest of their rad line. Happy Gifting!

Sami Davis