DIY Advent Calendar


Let's get this straight, I love to craft, but am all about perfecting the art of the lazy crafting aka crafts that are easy and take up virtually no time. This advent calendar is DEFINITELY that.

I always love a good advent calendar for the holidays because they slightly force you to get into the spirit and enjoy your family. I'm determined to put some new holiday traditions into place as Huy & I get older. We already took over Thanksgiving-- time to take over Christmas, too. Mwaha.

You'll need the following:
- a 18x20 piece of plywood or foam core (you can find at the dollar tree!)
- 25 assorted color paper bags. I got mine from here
- cardstock paper cut into squares
- washi tape, pins and twine to finish

1. Cut small pieces of card stock out, I made mine about 2x2" and then hand wrote activities for each day on the cards. THIS site is a great reference for some ideas if you need help.

2. Then I inserted one into each envelope. This next part is where you get creative based on your own aesthetic. I just started folding and layering cards, then using washi tape to secure to the board. I wrapped some in twine along the way! You'll see that I laid everything out and weighted the bags down with random objects-- hehe.

3. THAT'S IT. Now mark in your numbers with a sharpie and unwrap your goodies everyday. I'll be sharing mine on my Instastories to hold myself accountable. Let's see how that goes!